company established in India in the year 1991, in state of Gujarat is situated in POR. G.I.D.C (Industrial Estate),which is 20kms away from Vadodara city, on National Highway No. 8. This APP company is mainly engaged in manufacturing extrusion products, i.e all types of PVC beedings, PVC trims, PVC sections and profiles Industrial Section & Profiles.



This process of manufacturing is done with high-technology and automatic extrusion machinery, with experienced mechanical staff, operators and also efficient management team, lead by
Mr. Subhashchandra Patel and his co-partners.




manufactures above products with mainly PVC resin plus other additives like plasticizers, stabilizers and also other plastic chemicals, and prepares a special type of compound for main products. As such, this is also called as FOAM EXTRUSION PROFILES.



Our products are used for making wooden furniture and instrument, computer table. Also used for furniture made by carpenters for border etc. For instance, in windows and doors, wooden beedings are used, which can be replaced by PVC beedings patti. These beedings are also known as "Show Beedings" or Show Patti". This way wooden can be replaced and thus natural wealth- "Forests" can be saved. Thus it fulfills the slogan
On second sight, products of used in furniture or other articles, can resist against weather conditions and so does not require and polish or color. It is available in all different colors possible and also in "wood-effect" designs. Carpenters can easily use these beedings without nails and is flexible.

is launching first time in India the laminated PVC beedings and profiles with enough of high-technology.




manufactures 9 0r 12 Feet (as per customers demand ) beedings & Special type of packings in bulk with roll shapes, in same colours ,shapes & sizes.

Also, is also into the industrial PVC profiles and sections & PVC electrical casing and caping,we manufacture any type of solid & hollow profile designing and drawings etc. also with the other polymers like PP, H.D.L.D and G.P.P.S.

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